How To Block A Phone Number On Iphone
How To Block A Phone Number How To Block A Phone Number On Iphone How To Block A Phone Number On Android

The Sure-fire Way on How to Block a Phone Number on Iphone

Psychologists everywhere will say that it is mentally unhealthy to sweep your problems under the rug. But sometimes those problems just refuse to go away, like that annoying telemarketer, or the creepy ex-boyfriend, and the underside of a rug is where they should remain. Which is why knowing how to block a phone number on iphone is an excellent skill to learn for all tech-junkies.

You may be disappointed to find out that iphones do not come with in-built features to block specific numbers. In fact, the only reliable solution so far requires your phone to be jail-broken. So, here are a few alternatives for those reluctant to jail-break your iphones.

Register with the National Do Not Call registry by calling 1-888-382-1222 from you iphone. This will make it illegal for telemarketers to contact you. Verizon and AT&T customers can also get in touch with their phone carriers for blocking solutions. A cheap and cheeky idea on how to block a phone number on iphone is to create a silent ringtone using Garageband and assign it to the person you wish to block.

For those who are keen on a more thorough solution and do not mind jail-breaking their iphones, there is a very comprehensive, though slightly expensive ($12.99), app called iBlacklist to be purchased from the Cydia app store. Purchase, download and open this app on your iphone. You should be glad to know that the app is password restricted; the default password is “1”.

You should now see a row called “Blacklists”; tap on that to see lists of blacklisted numbers. Tap on “Add new Blacklist”. You will be directed to the “Contacts” view and each row represents one blocked caller. Tap the blue (+) button to go to the “Add” view. You will be presented with options to add a number from your contact list, recent call list or recent message list. You can also enter the number manually. After adding the number, go back to the “Add” view to configure this contact. You will see a row with a red call icon and another with a red message icon; switch them on to block calls and messages respectively.

If you scroll further down, you will see that you can enable “AutoReply SMS” (fairly self-explanatory). You will also need to select the response to blocked calls in the “Action to be performed” row; options are: voicemail, busy signal, accept and hang-up (calls not directed to voicemail), no action (not disconnected but no ringing) and accept (call accepted but will trigger other blocking actions). Tap on the blue “Save” button and voila there is a new blocked contact on your newly created blacklist. Simple, effective and not too costly considering the emotional distress it prevents. I would say this is an ideal solution on how to block a phone number on iphone.