How To Block A Phone Number On Android
How To Block A Phone Number How To Block A Phone Number On Iphone How To Block A Phone Number On Android

Handy Tips on How to Block a Phone Number on Android

Learning how to block a phone number on android is an indispensable life skill for all tech-dependent android users. Seeing as how our phones never leave our sides these days, constant pestering from unwanted callers can be a huge mental and emotional burden. Here are a few tips on blocking phone numbers (known or otherwise).

The great thing about Android is that there is an in-built blocking feature (more or less). Just go to “Contacts” and select the number you want to block. Select “Menu”, and then select “Options”. You should find a “Send calls directly to voicemail” option under “Incoming Calls”. Add a check to that and witness the dawn of blessed silence. But you might require greater control over how to block a phone number on android, such as hanging up on certain numbers while sending others to voicemail. If so, then you should consider purchasing apps like the Extreme Call Blocker Droid and BlackList. Call Control – Call Blocker is also a great app as it has a Community Blacklist of unwanted callers flagged by app users. A useful feature if you trust your fellow app users.

However, this does not address the issue of unknown callers. There are a few ways to tackle this, but these are not perfect solutions so if they fail, you might just have to pull the old instant-hang-up trick out of the bag.

If telemarketing is the bane of your life, then register with the National Do Not Call registry by calling 1-888-382-1222 from your android. This will make it illegal for telemarketers to contact you, so trust them to side-step you like you’re a land mine.

The Tasker app allows you block all hidden numbers, though a small bit of configuration is involved. Open the app and add a new context. Go to “Events” > “Phone” > “Phone Ringing”. Enter “0” under “Caller”, which implies your android will carry out the task you will be specifying in the next step for all unidentified callers. Next, under “Task Selection”, select “Add New Task” and then tap the blue (+). You will be given a list of possible actions to take.

You can also purchase a premium service called TrapCall. It allows you to unmask private numbers and then blacklist them to block them permanently-- a nice workaround for those who want to prevent unwanted callers who have cunningly decided not to display their caller IDs but, at the same time, still giving you the option to answer other private numbers.

So there you are; a few tips on how to block a phone number on android and here’s hoping at least one will be helpful to you.